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Sumit Ghosh

The Sprout Cucumber Roll



The dish is full of nutritious value and easy to prepare. It can be made in both vegetarian and non vegetarian. The look attracts to the children also.


S No Ingredient Quantity Units Comments

1 Cucumber 500 gm 4 pieces Green/white & medium size

2 Carrot 25 gm 1 piece

3 Beet root 25 gm 1 piece

4 Lettuce 2 Leaves

5 Capsicum 25 gm 1 piece Green Capsicum ( medium)

6 Whole Bengal Gram 50 gm

7 Whole Green Gram Beans 50 gm

8 Black/Rock salt As per taste

9 Coriander / Cilantro Leaves In small quantity

10 Mint Leaves In small quantity

11 Lemon 1 piece Medium

12 Onion 1 piece Big ( Red/White)

13 Tomato 1 piece Big

14 Ginger 5 gm

15 Dried Mango Powder 2 TSP

16 Black Pepper powder 2 TSP

17 Roasted cumin seed powder 2 TSP



Soak Chana & Green Moong for 3 to 4 days and let it be sprouted.

Carrot, Beet Root, Lettuce, Capsicum, Onion, Tomato, Ginger, Coriander & Mint Leaves to be finely chopped. Now all these to be placed in a medium size glass bowl. Sprouted Chana & Moong to be mixed along with other ingredients. Squeeze a whole lemon in the mixture. Add black and white salt as per taste. Mix Roasted cumin seed powder, Chat Masala & Black pepper in equal proportion. All these to be mixed well and keep it covered for 10 mins.

Take 4 medium sized cucumber (Select the straight one, do not take the curved one). Cut one side and peel the skin. Take out the seeds with the help of a long knife or some metal stick which can be inserted and the seeds can be taken out completely. Once the seeds are completely taken out from all four cucumbers, they should be kept separately on a plate.

Now the cucumbers are going to be stuffed with the mixtures already prepared. The same long knife or metal stick to be used to stuff the mixtures within the cucumber. Once all the cucumbers are fully stuffed with the mixtures, the open end of the cucumber should be garnished with some whole mint leaves and tomato slices. Place all the cucumbers on a plate/tray. Sprinkle some pinch of salt, pepper, and chat masala over the surface of the cucumbers.

Arrange it on the tray/plate in a flower format for serving and The Sprout Cucumber Roll

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