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Raashika Kulshreshtha

Tamatar wali Dal Pakwaan



Pakhwan, Channa Dal, Tamatar Chutney, tamatar crisps


S No Ingredient Quantity Units

1 Channa Dal 0.05 Kg

2 Tomatoes 0.12 Kg

3 Maida 0.1 Kg

4 Suji 0.02 Kg

5 Onion 0.045 Kg

6 Whole cumin 3 Kg

7 Black Salt as per taste Kg

8 Refined Oil for frying Kg

9 Desi Ghee 0.01 Kg

10 Whole coriander 0.002 Kg

11 Hing A pinch Kg

12 Table Salt as per taste Kg

13 Turmeric powder 0.001 Kg


Method of Cooking

For Dal

1 Soak Channa dal for minimum half & hour.

2 Allow it to boil in a pot, along with some salt & turmeric.

3 Once done, add some jeera and crushed coriander tadka along with some ghee.

For Pakwan

4 In a bowl, add maida & suji along with 5 gms of ghee, salt, and allow it to crumble.

5 Gradually add water (warm) and knead it into a tight dough.

6 Allow the dough to rest for atleast 10 mins.

7 once done, start rolling dough into small balls.

8 Make sure oil is at a medium temperature. Start rolling out the dough into desired shape.

9 Start frying Pakwaan's and allow it to cook on a medium slow flame. Once done, strain the excess oil.

For tamatar chutney

10 Blend tomatoes into a coarse puree. Add some onions chopped, roasted cumin crushed, and black salt. Allow it to refrigerate.

For tamatar crisps

11 Concasse tomatoes and remove their skin. In a pan, heat some oil and add tomato skins, sprinkle some black salt& keep it aside.

12 Place the pakwaan on the base, pour some dal, & chutney on top, along with some crisps and enjoy

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