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Naina Pandita

Chicken Jalferzi with Cherry Tomatoes



This dish has all Indian cuisine ingredients and was cooked with cherry tomatoes, tomatoes and bell peppers


S.No. Ingredients Quantity Units Comments

1 Marinated Chicken One kg One Marinated for 2 hours.

Mainated with spices and oil

and kept in fridge

2 Oil 2 table spoons One Used Saffola Total

3 Red Chilli powder One tea spoon One As per taste

4 Salt As per taste One

5 Chicken Masaala 2 tea spoons One

which as all Indian spices

6 Parika One tea spoon One

from USA, not local brand

7 Spring Onions Two Two

8 Tomatoes One One

9 Red & Yellow Bell peppers One Each Two

10 Cherry Tomatoes Ten Ten

11 Big Green Chillie One One

12 Garlic One One

13 Water One glass One For gravy


Marinated the chicken with a small teaspoon oil mixed with red chilli powder, salt,

red chilli powder and chicken masaala. Kept it in fridge for 2 hours. Holes were

Holes were poked in chicken so that the spices were absorbed.

Finely chopped all vegetables and kept them aside.

Added 2 tablespoons of oil to heated pressure cooker

When oil became hot, added chopped spring onions and sauted for few minutes

Added chopped tomato and six diced cherry tomatoes to the hot oil

and sauted for few minutes.

Added red chillie powder, salt to taste, and chicken masaala again to the hot

sauted vegetables and then added chopped bell peppers.

Once the vegetables turned slightly brown, added the marinated chicken and

stirred for 10 to 15 minutes.

After the chicken turned white from pink, added one glass of water

for gravy.

Gave one and half whistle in pressure cooker and released the pressure.

On low gas, let the contents boil for 5 minutes and then kept for the contents

in cooker for 20 minutes with flame turned off, thus allowing the spices get

further absorbed.

Transferring the contents in a bowl, added 4 diced cherry tomatoes on top

as decoration.

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