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Devil's last meal



Carrying the authenticity of Italian cuisine with exotic herbaceous flavoured cheese filled in tomatoes garnished with Royal tomatoes caviar tried to give actual look of tomatoes by using the molecular gastronomy


1 tomatoes 2 pieces

2 cheese hundred gram

3 olive oil 50ml

4 garlic 4 to 5 nos

5 parsley 3 figs

6 thyme 1 stick or 2

7 Basil 4 to 5 pieces

8 pepper a pinch

9 salt a pinch


11 tomato juice 100 ml

12 agar agar

13 Chilled oil 1ltr


1 Tomato Juice 150 ml

2 Vegetable Juice 50 ml

3 Lemon Juice 15 ml

4 Worcestershire Sauce 5ml

5 Hot Sauce (adjust to taste) 3ml

6 Pinch of celery salt

7 pinch of black pepper

8 ice cubes

9 Celery stalk (for garnish)

10 Lemon wedge or Olives (for garnish)


Chop garlic, parsely,

Or you can use thyme directly to give flavour to cheese. Use burrata cheese if available but here I've used Feta cheese (on subject to availability 😂♥️)

Wash tomatoes properly and slit them from the top and blanch them for 15secs

Remove the seeds from inside and make space for filling.

Take a pan heat it properly and add olive put garlic, basil, thyme roast thyme nicely mix it with cheese add chopped parsley.

Fill our cheese stuffing inside the tomato.

After that take aluminium foil and place stuffed tomatoes on it and little amount of drizzle olive oil on top of it

Keep it in oven for 5 minutes with 120⁰C to give nice and elegant look to tomatoes.

Present the dish.

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