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Anurag Sengupta

The Veil of Satan



The dish is a deconstructed pasta. Pasta being the very essence of Italy, I wanted to weave a story through my plate. There is a popular folklore in napoli - that of the cornicello. A cornicello - corno (Italian for 'horn"'), or corno portafortuna (Italian for 'horn that brings luck') is an Italian amulet or talisman worn to protect against the evil eye (or malocchio in Italian) and bad luck in general, and, historically, to promote fertility and virility. In Neapolitan, it is called curniciello or variants thereof. The amulet is also sometimes referred to as the Italian horn.

Deriving inspiration from the same, the tomato bellpepper espuma takes up the shape of the cornicello or the italian horn on the plate. And where there is a horn, there has to be a devil or The Satan. Hence i created the black and white striped pasta sheet that is the representation of Satan's veil. This place also depicts a story of the goodness of the produce as well as the quality and taste and minimalistic processing and cooking. Having used only salt as a seasoning , i have let the actual taste of the ingredients be the hero of the dish. This is what my dish is all about.



2 Mushroom mousse 40 g


4 Pesto 10 g

7 Edible flowers

8 Basil leaves few

Mushroom Mousse

Portobello 200 g

Button mushroom 60 g

Cream cheese 40 g

salt 20 g

thyme 2 g

Olive oil 50 g

confit garlic 10 g

Pasta dough

Caputo semola flour 150 g

Water 60 g

Salt 5 g

Tomato espuma

Italian peeled canned tomatoes 150 g

Red bellpepper 60 g

Salt 5 g

Olive oil 20 g

Basil 2 g

Basil Pesto

Italian basil 200 g

Walnuts 60 g

Olive oil 40 g

parmesan 20 g

salt 2 g



Boil the pasta sheet until it starts floatinng on the water.

In a pan, heat tomato sauce and season if needed.

Similarly, heat cheese sauce in another pan.

On a serving plate, pour tomato espuma, then olive oil dressed pastas and cheese sauce on top.

Can garnish with parmesan shavings, lotus root chips, rocket leaves and some microgreens.

Mushroom Mousse

Roughly chop both the mushrooms

In a pan, heat olive oil, add confit garlic, chopped mushrooms and thyme

Cook the mixture till mushroom is sweated and take it off flame

Remove the thyme stems and blend the mushroom mixture

Once cooled, add the cream cheese

Pasta dough

Mix all ingredients together

For black colour pasta dough, add charcoal powder 5 gm to the ingredients

Knead a semi soft dough

Let dough rest in fridge for 1 hr

Tomato espuma

Roast bellpepper and de skin and puree them

Blitz the canned tomatoes to make a puree

Cook the tomato puree to thicken it a bit in a pan

Add the bellpepper puree and cook till correct consistency

Add bail and salt

Blend once more in a blender once cooled and charge in the syphon gun

Basil Pesto

Mix all ingredients together in a blender

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