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Rajnandinee Pankaj Gawade

AISSMS college of hotel management


Bee Sting cake



Bee Sting Cake, also known as "Bienenstich" in German, is a traditional dessert consisting of a sweet yeast dough base, a layer of caramelized almonds, and a creamy custard or buttercream filling. It's named for the honey-flavored almond topping, which resembles a bee's sting


1 Castor sugar - 20 gm

2 Flour - 140 gm

3 Milk - 98 ml

4 Salt - 1 gm

5 Unsated butter - 36 gm

6 Yeast - 4gm


1 Preheat your oven to 200°C and grease around moles.

2 In a bowl take lukewarm milk, sugar and yeast and make a flying ferment out of it.

3 Add flour and salt and kneed a dough while adding unsalted butter and make a soft dough out of it.

4 Allow it to rise until double in size.

5 For topping in a saucepan, take unsalted, butter, castor sugar, and honey and melt it on a medium flame.

6 Optionally add half lemon juice.

7 For German butter cream, take milk and vanilla essence and make it warm.

8 Take a egg yolk & castor sugar and temper it with milk.

9 Gradually add Cornflour and make smooth custard out of it.

10 Take butter and whip it until fluffy and then add this custard mixture to it , to make German butter cream.

11 Place the dough mixture into a greased molds, and bake for 15 to 20 minutes at 180°C

12 Serve with German butter cream. Enjoy.

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