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Culinary academy of india


Butter Tossed Caramelle pasta with duxelle filling



Caramelle means candy in Italian , it refers not to a sweet flavour but rather to the shape of the pasta
Hand rolled pasta sheet filled with duxelle(mushroom and cream) , splash of basil oil and beet cream


1 European flour - 200 gm

2 Egg - 2 no

3 Beetroot - 20 gm

4 Salt - 5 gm

5 Pepper powder - 5 gm

6 Cream - 20 ml

7 Garlic - 5 gm

8 Mushroom - 50 gm

9 Basil - 10 gm

10 Oil - 50 ml

11 Butter - 10 gm

12 Turmeric pwd - 1 gm


Method :

1. PASTA DOUGH- Boil the beetroot, peel and blend into smooth puree

For 100gm flour: 1egg but in the case of beetroot dough just add the yolk to it ,knead and rest it

For the normal dough add one egg to the flour, pinch of turmeric ,knead it and rest it

2.Dust some flour, sheet the plain dough until it's thin, then roll the beetroot dough cut it into thin strips

3. Apply water using a brush on the plain dough, place the beetroot srips on it in cross angle and sheet the dough to 1/4 inch thickness

4.DUXELLE- Add butter to a pan ,add chopped garlic, onion mix it ,add chopped mushrooms, seasoning and lastly cream

5.SHAPING- Using a zigzag cutter trim the edges of the pasta sheet

Put a tsp of the filling in the starting, roll it apply some water to seal the edge and pinch like candy

Repeat the process till we finish it

Boil water ,add salt and put the pasta to it (as the pasta will float on the top it means its cooked)

Immediately butter toss and season it in the pan and keep it aside

6. BASIL OIL - Blanch the basil and blend with oil and season it well

7. BEET CREAM - Mix together the puree that was made earlier with cream and seasoning

8. Plate together and serve hot

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