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Apple pie 🥧


French cuisine

Apple pie is often served with whipped cream, ice cream ("apple pie à la mode"), custard or cheddar cheese. It is generally double-crusted, with pastry both above and below the filling; the upper crust may be solid or latticed (woven of crosswise strips).


Short crush pastry

1 Butter - 200 gm

2 Icing sugar - 100 gm

3 refined flour - 250gm

Pie Filling

1 Sugar - 100 gm

2 Apple - 4 nos

3 Raisins - 100 gm


Short crush pastry

Step 1: First cream the butter and icing sugar together and combine them well.

Step 2: Now add refined flour to the butter - icing sugar mixture and mix everything well.

Step 3: The dough is ready for the pie base.

Pie Filling Step 1: In a pan add sugar and caramelize it.

Step 2: now add apples to the caramelized sugar and constantly keep mixing it.

Step 3: after the apple gets little soft, add chopped raisins and conbine all of them well.

Apple pie 🥧

Step 1: Shet the short crush pastry and add the shet to the pie mold

Step 2: Now blind bake the short crush

Step 3: After blind baking the base andd filling to it and close the top of the pie with the short crust pastry with some design

Step 4: Now bake the pie

Step 5: Bake it @ 190°c for 15 mins

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