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Aishwarya Jagadale

Red Rhino



Baba au Rhum



My take on classic italian home sweet with my fav spice


For butter sauce

1 EU flour - 84g

2 Warm milk - 2tbsp

3 Yeast - 1tsp

4 Sugar - 20g

5 Egg yolk to taste

6 Egg white to taste

7 Butter (melted) - 20g

For syrup

1 Rum - 100g

2 Water - 50g

3 Brown sugar - 2 or 3 nos

4 Cardamom to taste nos

5 Star anise - 20 g

6 Orange peel from 1 orange nos

7 Orange juice - 30 ml

For Garnish

1 Candied Orange - 2 nos

2 Orange zest to garnish

3 Cardamom powder to sprinkle

4 Rum syrup - 10 g

5 Vanilla chantilly - 50g

6 Graham cracker crumbss - 20 g

7 Dehydrated meringue few drops nos

8 Orange gelee Few drops

9 White chocolate ring - 1nos


Method :

Before making batter, let's dust the moulds with butter and flour, preheat the oven at 180 degrees.

1. Take the EU Flour in measured quantity and sift to incoroprate air into the flour.

2. Now add other dry ingreidents except sugar to the flour.

3. Next, cream the egg yolk and sugar together.

4. On side, also beat the egg white till it is stable and frothy.

5. Add dry ingreidients to the yolk mixture.

6. Once done, slowly fold the beaten eggs into the mixture.

7. Pour 80g of batter into the moulds and bake at 180 degrees for 15 to 20 mts (or until golden brown)

8. When it is still hot, soak it well with syrup.

For Plating

1. Place baba au rhum at the corner (off centre)

2. Spread the graham cracker crumbles on the side.

3. Pipe vanilla chantilly as shown in image.

4. Place candied orange peels and orange gelee.

5. sprinkle cardamom powder and place the chocolate garnish as displayed.

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