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Please note that the following rules and regulations are strictly to be adhered to by all participating competitors and establishments for a smooth and professional contest to be carried out. It is the responsibility of all the participating establishment’s Executive Chefs and / or Departmental Heads involved in the competition to educate and brief their respective participants on the rules and regulations of the competition, to ensure adherence to the rules and regulations.

All entries for categories will be confirmed only upon receipt of the completed registration form.

A registration number will be issued for each entry. This registration number will be used for communication before and during the event.

  1. Every entry must be a bona fide work of the individual Competitor.

  2. Any professional chef across India would be eligible to participate in this online contest.

  3. Last date for registration for the contest will be 25th March 2023 11:59 PM IST time.

  4. All the entries and images uploaded should be as per the specifications and format shared by the organizing committee.

  5. No change of registration will be allowed after the closing date of entries. In the event of cancellation of participation due to unforeseen circumstances, the organizers should be notified immediately.

  6. If a competitor is unable to be present, a substituted competitor may be accepted as long as the Organizers have been notified at least prior a week or before a week.

  7. Submission of the application form shall mean that the competitor agrees to abide by the Rules & Regulations of Culinary Contest 2023.

  8. The Organizers reserve the right to rescind, modify or add on to any of the above rules and regulations and their interpretation of this is final. The Organizers reserve the right to limit the number of entries or amend a competition section, modify any rules, cancel any class or competition, or cancel/postpone the whole competition should it be deemed necessary.

  9. All the Competitors should register with the organizers at least 2 days prior to the scheduled time of the contest, as per the competition timetable. Competitors should produce a valid Photo ID (Passport etc.) at the time of registration.

  10. The Contestant Chef will provide a recipe in the required format along with a picture of the finished product, and a picture of the chef in professional attire.

  11. The Jury would evaluate all the entries in the first round and shortlist the finalists from the list. Based on this, the finalists would be eligible to participate in the final round, wherein they would have to use the primary ingredient which would be shipped to them.

  12. A Step-by-step picture of preparation is required – Maximum of 12 Pictures/dish, along with a brief statement by the chef on how the main ingredient GOLDEN RED CANNED TOMATOES FROM EUROPE has made his preparation/dish better. Cross-sectional photos and images of the slices (for relevant items) should also be shared.

  13. Competitors, their assistants and chefs are requested to wear a full, freshly laundered chef’s uniform during the competition.

  14. Participants' uniforms in all live/static categories should be white and not have any hotel/resort logos or visible identification at all times.

  15. Shortlisted Chefs will be notified and their recipes, and pictures will be uploaded for an online voting contest. The participating chefs can promote the voting on their social media and other means.

  16. No one will be allowed to intervene in the judging process and no appeals will be entertained. Judge’s decision is final, and no changes will be made after the final results are issued.

  17. The Organizers reserve all rights to recipes, menus, videos, photographs, sound recordings, etc. used in the event. Any publication, reproduction or copying of the same can only be made with the approval of the organizers.

  18. Keep your written descriptions as brief as possible without losing clarity. You are allowed to have someone else do the written description for you. No points will be given for writing/displaying menus/descriptions/recipes.

  19. The recipe should use the main ingredient (Italian canned tomatoes) – provided by organizers. Each competitor has to use his/ her own raw and unprocessed commodities unless other than those provided by the sponsor.

  20. Scoring criteria will be Innovation, Creativity, Presentation, Recipe details, Nutrition and use of the main ingredient.

  21. The competitors must ensure their presence (or that of a representative) at the awards ceremony to collect awards. All awards are to be accepted in chef’s / team uniforms.  

  22. No changes/alterations to names will be done on competition days. For any changes/alterations please contact Organizers through the registered email address.

  23. The Competitor shall receive his/her participation details along with the final programme schedule in due course. 




Competition Registration

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